hi jaanus!

you can find links to a select few of my projects and workshops below:

radical south asian american timeline
subdrift open mic content
boston south asian coalition content
timeline of local mobilization against nrc/caa legislation
darr archives
the marigold mixtape
how to fight hindutva from the diaspora (zine)
is this tactic transformative or recuperative? (zine)
stay here now (zine)
spotify playlists
not your model minority (online exhibition)
mirchi minutes episode about reproductive justice (audio)
our ancestors were cyborgs and so are we (video)
gaali gang (digital zine)
they watch you thrive (past workshop and installation, pao arts center 2021)
reclaiming imagination: an exploration into the worlds we want (past workshop, make shift 2020)
speculative fashion: building new worlds through what we wear (past workshop, no nation 2019)
imagination as a research tool (past workshop, allied media conference 2018)

venmo: @Payal-Kumar